Septic Tank Cleaning Cost: A Quick Guide to Estimating Your Fees

If you’re trying to estimate your septic tank cleaning cost, it can be tough to do. There are a lot of variables involved in servicing your unit, though it is an absolutely essential component of maintaining it so it lasts for decades. Although we cannot give hard estimates online, you can use this page as a general guideline to give yourself a good idea of what to budget for and why.

Why Have a System Cleaned?

The wastewater that enters the reservoir breaks down into three layers; scum, effluent, and sludge. Some of the solids will break down over time and turn into liquid and gasses, but about half of them will remain in the tank, while the effluent/ liquid, moves on to the leach field. It’s these solids that need to be pumped out of the reservoir regularly, so that the reservoir doesn’t overfill and that the solids don’t make their way into the leach field.

How Often Does Pumping Need to Be Done?

Most homes will need their reservoir pumped every 3-5 years, though garbage disposals and other appliances can add to the load. When these things are present, annual pumping is necessary. Commercial or industrial units will need service every few months.

Will Additives Reduce My Septic Tank Cleaning Cost?

There are additives for reservoirs on sale seemingly everywhere that may include chemicals or bacteria. They claim to improve the efficiency of a unit, so that pumping can be reduced or stopped altogether. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to show that adding bacteria helps at all and some of the chemical additives can actually cause damage. It’s best to avoid additives.

What Will My Total My Septic Tank Cleaning Cost Be?

Total expenses depend on how much needs to be pumped, how long it has been since the last service call, and other factors. An average family with a 1,000-1,200 gallon reservoir can expect to pay $200-400. Larger reservoirs, intended for big families or businesses, can run from $600-800.

Are There Any Other Expenses Involved?

You may have to pay extra for excavation if your unit doesn’t have risers installed that give easy access to the ports at ground level. Filters may also need to be replaced, to ensure that any solids don’t make it into the leach field. There may also be additional charges for inspections and for hydro-jetting the reservoir when it needs to be cleaned for an inspection. Lastly, there may be charges related to disposing the waste. Though the pumper tanks remove it from your basin, they must take it to an approved facility for disposal. Our partner technicians always go over expenses before beginning any work, so you will never be surprised with a bill.

Call Septic Tank Pros Rochester NY for a Personal Septic Tank Cleaning Cost Estimate

If you’d like to get an estimate based on the details of your unit or would like to schedule an appointment to have your reservoir cleaned and pumped, we’re glad to help. Call (585) 286-5361 today.

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